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Kenya: Select Plus AA, Kiambu County

Kenya: Select Plus AA, Kiambu County

Cupping Notes: Very good acidity, silky body, strong notes of apricot, stone fruit, citrus, and currant.


Our new Kenya AA Select Plus is produced by several small farmers in the central Kenyan farmlands that surround Mt. Kenya. It is a single-origin coffee from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange and is considered some of the best quality coffee in the world! The Kenyan Process is a double fermentation method where the puled cherries are soaked twice in fermentation tanks and is sun-dried on raised beds for 1-2 weeks. The lots are consolidated at a local mill and go through a double fermentation method before it is sun-dried on raised beds. The Nairobi Coffee Exchange grades the beans, cups the coffee, and sells it at auction.

    12 Ounces

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