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Ethiopia: Longberry, Harrar

Ethiopia: Longberry, Harrar

Cupping Notes: Smooth, full body with a winey, sweet, bright acidity and fruity notes of blueberry.


Harrar is known as one of the main coffee-growing regions in Ethiopia’s Eastern Highlands, and it produces a very distinctive wild-varietal Arabica. As the name implies, this coffee brings the sought-after flavors of blueberry, and it’s naturally processed to bring out the most complimenting flavor possible. A unique and subtle “peppering” occurs during processing––the color of the beans disperses. The Longberry’s name refers to the Ethiopian grading term used to describe the largest beans, so there isn’t any abnormality in the actual length.


Its namesake, the walled city of Harrar has a population of 200,000 and is part of a key trade route. Harrar is not only the easternmost growing region in the country, but it’s also a remarkable coffee with a deeper, less fruity taste than our Misty Valley bean.


    12 Ounces

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