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Morning Glory Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf

Morning Glory Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf

12 Ounces
  • FLAVOR: Milk Chocolate Sweetness
  • BODY: Medium
  • ACIDITY: Bright
  • PROCESS: Swiss Water Process



A unique blend of South & Central American coffees with a hint of Indonesian coffees decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. This outstanding decaf is a multiple-origin blend named in honor of that lovely blue flower that blooms before sunrise, is vibrant all day, and calls it quits by sundown. You might just say this coffee is for folks who are all about some shut-eye, come nightfall. Morning Glory Organic Decaf is decaffeinated by Swiss Water Process, which uses water to create a coffee that’s 99.9 percent caffeine-free. And, it's available as Fairtrade Organic certified!

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