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Indonesia Aged Sumatra

Indonesia Aged Sumatra

MEDIUM ROAST FLAVOR: Bittersweet Chocolate, Tobacco, Brown Spice, Earthy, OakBODY: MediumACIDITY: Mild

    Aged Sumatra is a real thing! It is not some Marketing effort to sell old inventory. Like certain wines and certain whiskeys are considered by connoisseurs to improve with careful aging, a few coffee regions (most notably, Sumatra) can benefit from the careful attentions of an expert to bring out the muted tones and wonderful nuances with this unique method. The idea is to bring out the same characteristics that were observed when sailing ships brought coffee from this island region to Europe, having to sail many months across the Indian Ocean, down the coast of Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope, and all the way up the continent to reach the European marketplace. During its voyage, the coffee was subjected to “sea air” for long periods of time, which altered its color and flavor in a most agreeable way. In recreating this recipe, care and attention is given to the entire process of pulping, fermentation, hulling, drying, and storage, including moving the coffee back up the mountain, from the mill in Medan to the warehouse in Aceh where temperature, humidity, and airflow can all be controlled more effectively. For the next 3-5 years the stored coffee is rotated every 2-3 months to provide more even distribution and airflow. Samples are taken and cupped at regular intervals to determine when it’s ready, and has achieved the aged cupping profile we’re looking for. Silky and heavy body, mild acidity, with notes of nutty, oak, sweet, toasted sesame, and tobacco.


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